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Vinyl Fronts

Multi-layer chipboard with decorative coating on both sides made from high-quality melamine resin or laminate in many variations: wood, plain, concrete or metal-style décor as well as smooth and textured surfaces.

Lacquered Laminate

During production, a decorative laminate is provided with an electron-beam-hardened painted surface. Depending on the paint type used, outstanding gloss effects or mat surfaces with anti-fingerprint properties are possible.


Nature and its infinite variety of colours were the inspiration for the colour palette. For example, achromatic colour series such as white-grey-black and cream-beigebrown are available in various shades that can be used to good effect for uncoloured surfaces. These understated, smoky, homely colours have perfectly graduated colour relationships that offer endless, constantly balanced combination options in three saturation levels and 15 natural-looking, vibrant colours, serving up completely new perspectives on modern design. They are suitable not only for kitchen fronts, but also for complementary small pieces of furniture and shelving.

All colours are available as matt lacquer, structured lacquer, premium matt lacquer and high-gloss lacquer

Laminate / FENIX

Glass Laminate

Glass is used transparently and elegantly, producing high quality and great versatility, in the broad field of sophisticated furniture design. The drawback: glass is heavy, fragile, needs intensive care and is prone to unsightly scratches.

The solution: glass laminate! It resembles real glass with all of its benefits, but without the typical drawbacks. The unique depth effect is created by the polymeric surface with a layer of paint underneath. The laminate layer applied to an MDF support can be processed during woodworking, thus offering considerably more planning freedom.


Linoleum – used for kitchen fronts – is a perfect example of how environmental thinking, aesthetic demands and highly practical aspects can come together optimally in one product. Linoleum is a pure, natural product, made from locally sourced materials, most of which are even rapidly renewable – linseed oil, resins, wood flour, limestone flour and natural colour pigments. The result is naturally elegant kitchen fronts. Warm to the touch, stylish matt finish, excellent fingerprint resistance and very easy to clean.

Veneer / Solid Wood

Nature fascinates us with its seemingly endless variety of shapes and colours. As individuality is so important to us, we also want to give you the chance to enjoy this diversity inside your own four walls. By selecting and combining the right wood type, surface structure, stain shade and model, we enable you to do just that.

The fronts shown are only a selection of the many possible combinations.

Wood type
The type of wood used determines the basic character of the front. Variants featuring more knots and cracks have a more vibrant, intense look.

Natural or colour-stained, light or dark or painted in various colours – our standard colour palettes and the possibility to choose special colours enable every colour desire to be realised.

Front design
Smooth veneer with horizontal or vertical pattern direction, various grooving types or solid wood frames – with everything also possible in special dimensions.

Surface structure
By working with different tools, different amounts of material can be removed, which really brings out the grain of the wood. The type of wood chosen also affects the resulting look and feel.

Concrete / Stone Spatula

The manual application of concrete or stone paste makes each front one of a kind with a unique look and feel.